Am I a blogger?
What is a blogger? Blogging is a term derived from the word ‘Blog’, we all know.
Posting personal opinions, just to share whatever bothers you or whatever you’re passionated about.
Vloggers use videos’s. Movement in a blog helps the spoiled watcher to stay attached.

I’m in need for more categories and if they use pictures, movies or just text is no big deal.

Suppose ‘ogger’ is the new verb. I ogger, you ogger, we ogger?
By adding one are two letters some things will become more clear.

Clogger: Communication specialist who oggers for commercial purpose.
Pogger: Pasionated people, who love to share their love or hate for cats, dogs and kids, wood or whatever. Hobby specialist who is happy with a present and would love to become a professional paid ‘ogger’.

Maybe even more:
Sogger: Is obsessed with serious, social or political issues? Being paid or excepting anything in return doesn’t fit their values.They do it because they believe in a better world.

Am I the only one who thinks (bl)ogging is in need for more clearness?( Bl)ogging 2020 will be more divers.
Let’s make future life more transparent and easy.