Some companies have brand values; others only have rational descriptions like quality or trustworthiness. The main question is; WHY is your company there, what is the RELEVANCE? TRENDLOGIC is specialized in finding this relevance and translating it into CORE VALUES. By optimizing these values and translating them into a STYLE VISION, we ensure all members of the company to have the same OBJECTIVES. By adding PICTURES to WORDS, we make any RATIONAL positioning story EMOTIONALLY alive.

Brands and marketing are the starting point of everything TRENDLOGIC does. Together with you we create a strategic story that makes your brand personality standout and become clear and RELEVANT. We visualize, analyze and define the value aspect of the company or product brands. TRENDLOGIC positions & visualizes your BRAND and PRODUCT direction in PICTURES and WORDS.


Working as a design director, Sandra experiences the EFFECTIVENESS of creating BRAND AWARENESS for the total company. TRENDLOGIC believes in the importance of a CONNECTED VALUE PROPOSITION. Directors, managers, buyers, marketing and sales teams are a vital force that needs to form a cohesive group. To be RELEVANT you have to be CONNECTED with your VALUES both rational and even more important emotional. It is like creating a SENSE of SELF. For more information on custom advice or presentations CONTACT Sandra Könings-Blokdijk, TRENDLOGIC Bv.



“Let’s work more EFFECTIVE by combining EMOTIONAL feelings and RATIONAL thinking.”

          – Sandra Könings-Blokdijk


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