TRENDLOGIC works together with a professional network of cre-active freelancers working in different disciplines, from graphic designers to architects. Together with this team of freelancers we realize all kinds of inspirational projects. This way, the customer can make use of experienced specialists in the field of graphic design, organization and styling without the overhead costs of a design studio.



Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer Angela van der Knaap works, under the company name of MANGOA. Mangoa is a small village in Madagascar. It is a destination where you will step into a world of NEW FRAGRANCES and DARING COLORS, an island where even the flora and fauna is UNIQUE. Each country and culture has its own ‘language’ and a unique combination of features, as well as every organization and brand. And that’s what Angela does: TRANSLATING these unique characteristics into a corporate image or product packaging. It’s her GOAL to give companies the best visual graphic TRANSLATION to show the core values of the company.


Illustrator/ Graphic Designer

An ILLUSTRATOR? Or a GRAPHIC DESIGNER? Linda is much more than that. After graduating from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, she started as an ALL-ROUND designer. Connecting all techniques including even PHOTOGRAPHY is Linda’s added value. Linda is a creative graphic designer and besides having her own style, she is able to design the most appropriate style for every TASTE GROUP. Sandra and Linda have been working together since 10 years in the DESIGN PROCESSES. They achieve successful outcomes, working together with the CLIENT.



Floral/ Interior Stylist

Dorien works as a STYLIST in ‘a green paradise’!  Nowhere are so many GREEN INNOVATIONS as in the Netherlands. A double lily, a carnation with a unique color, an orchid with a new shape or a rose dipped in wax… Flowers keep her moving. She grew up being outside, as the DAUGHTER of a grower. Logically it became her PROFESSION. She loves to works with passionate people, connects with TIME SPIRIT and translates it into the most INNOVATIVE PRESENTATIONS. She always delivers customized work in the area of styling and presentation TO SUIT the client and its values in the best way.


Floral/ Interior Stylist

Laura is a FLOWER ARRANGER at heart, with a passion for the beauty of the product, and SINCERE attention for the occasion. Laura takes care of complete product presentations at trade fairs and special business locations. It is her goal to completely unburden her clients. There for SHORT and DIRECT communication lines are essential. “Of course we are proud of what we achieve. But it’s not about us, about what we think is beautiful. The ATTENTION should be given to the presented product and brand. We just make sure that this happens in a SURPRISING, but certainly OUTSTANDING and LOGICAL way. Nice to know, Laura has a beautiful floral decoration store!




Hans Kalkhoven is an enthusiastic and passionate ARCHITECT with now more than 30 years of experience. Both the complex UTILITY projects and smaller PRIVATE homes are part of its completed projects. By listening and a PATIENT APPROACH  of the task he is able to make a valuable CONTRIBUTION to a truly building your dream. INTEGRATED DESIGN is the starting point for him to offer clients an appropriate design and it is working with TRENDLOGIC also so important to him.
Ter Laak and Ovata made him well known in the HORTICULTURE SECTOR.